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Last Updated Thursday, December 20, 2001

In an all too familiar display of the blind leading the lame and halt, Frank Plewa reads the instructions from his boyhood Cub Scout manual to Dennis Weibley as the two attempt to gut a chukar.

In a feeble effort to defend the indefensible, a brutish Tom Johnston attempts to justify his erratic shooting to Sherry Weibley, while Robert Patton, ever the gentleman, prepares to come to Sherry's defense with his lucky baseball cap. Valerie Plewa looks on, relieved that it's Sherry and not her for a change.

A bitter, disillusioned and regrettably bone dry MHR Nils Lofgren's Moontears watches the ducks fly away at last year's NPRC sea duck hunt on the Chesapeake. Note the gunner on the left inspecting his gun for flaws. Not surprisingly, none were found.

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