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Last Updated Thursday, March 4, 2004

Jim Ross, Marty Kane, Mike George, Jackie Lutskus and Tom Clough early in the day, before anybody got wet. Mike seems to be contemplating the story he's fabricating for his wife concerning the ad hoc body work he did to her new Audi. Or perhaps he's evaluating the mis-steps that led to his savage attack at the hands of an enraged honey bee. All photos on this page courtesy Frank Plewa.

  Marty Kane displays an unhatched egg in one of the nest cylinders.

Refusing to share the spotlight, Jackie Lutskus hides
Silky behind a refurbished cylinder.

Ron Swisher, Jon Vernam, Tom Johnston, Jeff Turner and Robert Patton watch Jackie Lutskus wring out her shirt after a chilly dip in the pond.

Following his exhaustive lecture on the subject, NPRC President Tom Johnston takes off across the ice, by ladder, in search of the elusive Pennsylvania White-footed Mouse. Why he didn't just walk down the solid land on the right remains a mystery to all who were there!

Having failed in his effort to corner the mouse, our intrepid president draws festivities to a close as he finishes the final box of the day.

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