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Last Updated Friday, April 4, 2008

The club had a nice representation at the Navesink River HRC double senior test the last weekend in March. Actually we had most of the representation. As a matter of fact, it was really almost an NPRC club test. Great new grounds, good judging, and overall another quality event from the Navesink crew. Passes were as follows:
Frank Plewa and Carbon (2)
Frank and Kernal (2)
Frank and Belle (2)
John Corman and Gunner (2)
Jackie Lutskus and Juice (2)
Jeff Riebling and Tank (1)

Our motley group helps out by holding down a few phone poles that would otherwise have blown away in the ridiculously high winds we had in the morning. L to R, Jeff Riebling, Mike Tome, Bill Everly, John Corman, Jackie Lutskus and Frank Plewa. Marshall Mary Alice Hembree lurks in the background.

Jeff gently guides Tank in the general direction of the line.

John Corman gives Gunner a slight course correction while Judges Scott Unkel and Debbie Brennan look on

Jeff sends Tank off on his water blind

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