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Last Updated Thursday, May 15, 2008

Congratulations to our handlers and judges who had a good Mother's Day weekend at Navesink. Here, Mike Tome sends Deuce off on a land blind.

Jeff Goetz sends Hunter out for a mark under the watchful eyes of Judge Jeff Riebling (doing his best Bono impression), and the bloodshot eyes of Judge Bruce Caplin.

Congratulations to Jackie Lutskus and Juice for going two for two at the Lake Champlain test on May 3rd and 4th, and getting their MHR! Also representing the club were Miss Daisey and Spinner, who also got two passes and are on target to get their 1000th point later this year. Good job on all fronts! And a picture of the happy winners...

Our Spring Double Senior Hunt Test went off without a hitch, and all our workers and committee members are to be congratulated for doing a great job. In particular I want to again thank the guys that didn't have a dog running but came out just to work. Please let us return the favor to you at our July test at the Riebling Estate.

As far as dog work goes, I think we acquitted ourselves fairly well, and special recognition needs to go to Bill Everly and Gunner, and Mike Tome and Deuce for passing their first senior tests, and to John Corman and Gunner for achieving their GMHR. Great going all around!

L to R, Mike Tome and Deuce, John Corman and Gunner, and Bill Everly and Gunner bask in the glory. Apparently the two Gunners have some issues to work out.

Bill receives his ribbon from Judges Scott Leonescu and Randy Carlson, as Test Chairman Jon Vernam and Test Secretary Jackie Lutskus look on.

Deuce proceeds to the line for the trail, while handler Mike Tome hangs back to discuss things with Judge Randy Carlson. Judge Scott Leonescu does his best imitation of Ronny Cox in "Deliverance"

Miss Daisey pretends to pay attention to NE Regional Liaison Tom Johnston as he gesticulates wildly. Mike Minchoff prays for it to be over soon. Mike Tome wonders why he ever walked up in the first place.

Frank Plewa, Jon Vernam and Scott Leonescu wonder how to break the news to Jackie that she has a pen stuck in her mouth.

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