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Last Updated Sunday, March 14, 2010

Brothers Tom and Mark flank the senior Johnston at our 2010 banquet in January. While this looks suspiciously like Mr. Johnston's first attempt at making license plates for the state, in actuality it was a commemorative award for all the hard work the boys put into setting up the club's new trailer. If you haven't seen the new trailer yet, you'll be pleasantly surprised when you do. It's just like the old trailer, only bigger, more organized and not falling apart. Big thanks to Dirt Bob, the Johnston's, and everyone else involved in making this happen.

At our March training session at the Carlisle Fish and Game Association, Steve Miller has just finished throwing a mark from the tower as Jeff Geotz fires a popper for Mike Minchhoff. Bill Everly runs the line. Big thanks to Duane and Cathy Mayberry for not only arranging for the use of the property, but feeding us a tremendous lunch as an added bonus.

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