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Last Updated Wednesday, January 22, 2003

Tim Auxt and pup run a land triple as Val Plewa runs the line at the January training session.

Looking for all the world like Steve McQueen in the "The Great Escape", Frank Plewa and Trouble keep an eye on things at the November NPRC Upland hunt.

MHR Maggie Mo Vernam returns with a mark at the January training session.


Under the watchful eyes of Val Plewa, another
young pup and new handler work on a tough mark.

Tom and Karen Johnston at the Middlecreek Waterfowl Festival in September.


Nils sleeps off a two day eider hunt in
Massachussets on the ride back home.

One of Sten Schwandt's tollers runs a mark in front of a very frozen pond at the January training session.

Jon Vernam and Valerie Plewa on line with Maggie.

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