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Titled Dogs (NAHRA WR, AKC SH, NFRA SFR & above)      

Last Updated Monday, December 21, 2015

1996 MHR WR Pondview's Bar None Bar Mike Tome
MHR WR Ransom's Blasto Bell Belle Dennis Weibley
WR Chesnee Freedom of the Mount SH Chesnee Marvin & Lydia Klinger
WR Milli's Best Deal SH Cheyene Greg & Karen Myers
Lion King I MH Cody Greg & Karen Myers
CH Port Sides Broadways Encore MH Cory Ron Reed
WR Dawn's Early Flight Dawn Art Kriemelmeyer
MHR WR Happys Bay City Lil Doc MH Doc Gene Byrd
WR Outlaw Gunner Gunner Lloyd Ingerson
MHR WR Kay-Tee-Jay of Wildcat Ridge JH Kaytee Karen & Tom Johnston
Really Mackenzie SH Mack Sharon Wieciech
GMHR WR Fowl Weather's Black Magic Magic Frank & Valerie Plewa
MHR Shorelines Mossburg Gottum MH Moss Pam & Rick Wise
Really Made in the Shade MH Shade Sharon Wieciech
MHR WR Impetuous Shenah SH Shenah Frank & Valerie Plewa
GMHR WR Craigdarrick's Travelin Travis Travis Robin Mongold
1997 MHR WR Cabin Branch Heidi Girl SH Heidi Larry Mundy
GMHR WR Bill Baileys Bullet Bailey Bill Whiteford
WR McHillary of Newberry Hilly Ken Klahr
WR Hy-Tymes Natty Gann Natty Laurie Stewart
Van Lee's Little Rascal SH Petey Greg & Karen Myers
WR Sensational Sandy Sandy Jeff Riebling
WR Sally's Sassy Bit O'Bart MH Sassy Gene Byrd
GMHR Knight's Tail of Token MH Token Dan & Carol Lewis
1998 WR Kelsee of Newberry Kelsee Ken Klahr
GMHRCH-I MFR Fowl Weather's Token Trouble Trouble Frank & Valerie Plewa
1999 WR Bramble's Rugged Briar Patch Briar Brad Graffius
WR Bubba Gump SH Bubba Dan Lewis
MHR WR Token's Chocolate Thunder Buster Jeff Riebling
GMHR WR Hunter of Newberry MH Hunter Ken Klahr
Marshy Creek Hunter G Powder MH Hunter George Ruhl
MHR WR Token's Locy Lewis SH Locy Carol Lewis
Mesquites Smokin Coal SH Skeeter Pam Wise
2000 Sugar Jazz's Winchester MH Chester Kevin Nash
MHR WR Give Me A Chance CD SH WCX Duke Joe Lescisko
GMHR-I Granny's Fowl Weather Gadget Gadget Frank & Valerie Plewa
GMHR-I Nils Lofgren's Moontears Nils Larry Housman & Victoria Pepper
GMHRCH-I WR Silverbrook's Rockin Raven Raven Bill Whiteford
Lady Victoria of Lochiel SH Tory James Cameron
WR Victory All in Good Tyme Tristan Dotty Waldrep
2001 MHR WR Cobscook's Ruddy Buddy WCI Chipper Sten & Sandy Schwandt
MHR WR Maggie Mo Vernam Maggie Jon & Jan Vernam
Axle Rose's Deuces Are Wild SH Deuce Pam & Rick Wise
2002 WR Shoreland Crocodile Dundee Mick Robin Mongold
GMHRCH-III HRCH WR Silverbrook's Ravin' Rebel MH Kali Jeff Riebling
WR Bad Weather Buddy Buddy Lloyd Ingerson
MHR Little Bit of Trouble's Grace Gracie Robert Patton
WR Talbot's Rave Review Raven Mike & Patty George
WR Greenwing's Slim Tornado SH Tori Ken Klahr
Hunter's Orion of Newberry SH Rion Ken Klahr
2003 GMHR Ransom's Otis of Deerfield Otis Bruce Jenkins
GMHR-I Raven's Jump For Joy Cricket Bill Whiteford
GMHR-I Raven's Smokin' Cinder Cinder Bill Whiteford
GMHR-I WR Susquehanna's Fowl Weather Decoy Deke Dave Henderson
2004 GMHRCH Windmere's Over the Top Spinner Dottie Waldrep
MHR WR Shea Frank Plewa
2005 GMHR-I WR Astraglen Wild Thing Lea Jon Vernam
GMHRCH-II Fowl Weather's Cornfield Commando Kernal Frank Plewa
GMHRCH-IV Fowl Weather's Carbon Copy Carbon Frank Plewa
2006 GMHR-II Silverbrook Gunar's Yellow Merkin MH The Goon Larry Housman
GMHR-I WR Fowl Weather's Fully Charged SH Juice Jackie Lutskus
2007 GMHRCH-II MHR WR North Star's Deuce of Diamonds Deuce Mike Tome
GMHR WR Chesterglenís Top Gunner Gunner Bill Everly
2008 GMHRCH-II Harvest Thyme's Tanks-A-Lot MH Tank Jeff Riebling
GMHR WR TTF Tintoview Gabriel Gabby Duane Mayberry
GMHR-I MHR WR Glendower's Dakota Gunner MH Gunner John Corman
GMHR HR Chesterglenís Waterfowl Magnet Maggie Bill Everly
2009 MHR HR Wildrose Cloudy Autumn Sky Jon Vernam
GMHRCH-IV TTF Miss Belle of Deerfield Belle Bruce Jenkins
MHR Harvest Thyme's Blazingstar Apache Patch Jeff Riebling
GMHRCH-II Spring Creek's General Eisenhower Ike Tony Carlo
2011 GMHRCH-II Fowl Weather's Final Approach Radar Frank and Valerie Plewa
GMHRCH-V Silverbrook's Life Of Brian MH Bry Larry Housman & Victoria Pepper
2013 GMHR-I Fowl Weather's Dead on Center Target Frank and Valerie Plewa
GMHR-I Ulstare Brynn of Deerfield Brynn Bruce Jenkins
GMHR-I Belles Littleowl Hoot Duane Mayberry
MHR Gables Black Startufa Tar Greg Gable
2015 MHR NPRC's Basking in the Glow of Good Enough Hank Larry Housman & Victoria Pepper

*Year of first listed title - other titles may have been received in subsequent years.

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