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Last Updated Wednesday, May 5, 2004

Trish Jagoda and Roxy run the Senior land series under the watchful eyes of judges Tom Johnston and Jon Vernam.

  NPRC member Kevin Kevlos appears to be waving goodby to his pup, Jake,
during the Intermediate I water blind. Jake pulled it together for a pass at Intermediate II.

Trish and Frank on a walk about.

Jack - Ron Fresne Jack - Ron Fresne O'Reilly - Jim Kimball O'Reilly - Jim Kimball Roxy - Trish Jadoda
Mickey - Penny McCrea Mickey - Penny McCrea Toby - Scott Leonescu Kelly - John Fincher Kelly - John Fincher
Rockie - Jackie Lutskus Rockie - Jackie Lutskus Ombrea - Doug Segrin Toby - Scott Leonescu Toby - Trish Jagoda
Endy - Lance Lawyer Endy - Lance Lawyer Belle - Denise Balides Ombrea - Doug Segrin Rip - Trish Jagoda
Rex - Susan Medjo Rex - Susan Medjo Maddie - Trish Jagoda Belle - Denise Balides Bar - Mike Tome
Carp - Lance Lawyer Rocket - Boyd Bankston Pete - Trish Jagoda Maddie - Trish Jagoda Sparky - Trish Jagoda
Nitro - Bob Andrews Carp - Lance Lawyer Strider - Barry Hohmann Pete - Trish Jagoda Otis - Frank Plewa
Chelsea - Gerald Weiss Nitro - Bob Andrews Star - Nick Inzer Tiger - Trish Jogoda
Indy - Bill Wright Chelsea - Gerald Weiss Sparky - Trish Jagoda Ferrous - Brad Sisson
Jet - Gerald Weiss Jet - Gerald Weiss Jake - Kevin Kevlos Teal - Bill Johnson
Tippet - Kurtis Russell Tippet - Kurtis Russell Reba - Trish Jagoda Ryder - Trish Jagoda
Beebee - Bill Wright Indy - Bill Wright
Drake - Bill Johnson Drake - Bill Johnson
Shadow - Jeff Urso Brandy - Marty Kane
Splush - Brian Stamps Splush - Brian Stamps

Mike and Mike on a different sort of walk about.

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