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Last Updated Tuesday, June 8, 2004

Bradley Sisson, John Cowlbeck, Kathryn Cowlbeck, Patty George and Mike George relaxing at the May Mid-Atlantic Test in Virginia.

Jeff Riebling, Karen Johnston, Tom Johnston and Valerie Plewa relaxing at the June Leatherstocking Test in New York. (Jackie Lutskus Photo.)

A very relaxed Kali, and a less than relaxed-looking Jeff Riebling approach the Senior B waterblind at the Leatherstocking Test. (Jackie Lutskus Photo.)

An incredibly relaxed (because he wasn't running a dog) Jay Lutskus supervises the Leatherstocking culinary operation as a group of tired boy scouts pick at a badly injured pig. (Jackie Lutskus Photo.)

New Dad Mike George and Diva. (Jackie Lutskus Photo.)


New Mom Patty George takes a turn as well. (Jackie Lutskus Photo.)

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