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Last Updated Wednesday, October 1, 2003

Future GMHR "Kernel" attempts to return a duck call he found at the August training session.

Jeff Riebling and Kali run the senior land series as Judge Dan Kotarski observes the action at the 2003 NPRC spring test.

Commodore of the NPRC Navy, immediate past-president Lloyd Ingerson sets out decoys as a diversion in the senior water series, as bird boys Tom Johnston and Jon Vernam lurk in the background.

Attack boat skipper Joe Lescisko sets out the senior blind.                                                                        Aimlessly adrift in the started water series, Zach and friend signal for help.


Intermediate gunner Tom Johnston observes test dog handler Robin Mongold and Mick as they watch the marks go down.


Gunners Mike George (left) and Bruce Jenkins (right) prepare to follow Howell Simmons and Pete as they begin the senior upland test.

Frank Plewa and Shea run a very cold started water series.

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